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‘Bare Bones Eggs’ on sourdough | Fried or poached $11 | Scrambled $13 (can be made GF/DF)

Two pieces of toast, served with butter and your choice of preserve | Choice of toasted sourdough or Pumpkin sourdough or GF bread or Thick cut white $8 

Bare Bones Avo | Beetroot hummus with feta, whipped garlic, toasted nuts and seeds, with avocado on toasted sourdough and balsamic $15 (Can be made GF/DF)

Bare Bones ‘Goodie Bowl’ | Pitaya bowl with seasonal fruit, granola and chia seeds (DF) $17.5

Eggs Benny | Two poached eggs on sautéed spinach, with two rashers of bacon and hollandaise sauce, on sourdough $18.5 (Can be made GF)

‘Breakfast Burger 2.0’ | Chorizo, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, relish, hashbrown, mayo, smokey BBQ sauce and cos on a soft bun $17.5

‘Pablo Diablo’ |’ Potato, sour cream and chive hashcake, with haloumi, pulled slow roasted pork, avocado, charred corn and black bean salsa, spiced fried egg, green mole $21

Smoked Salmon | Salmon and dill scrambled eggs on sourdough with watercress $22

Bits & Pieces (sides) $5 each
Free range eggs (2), Double-smoked bacon, English sausage, Sautéed mushrooms, Roasted tomatoes
Avocado, Hashbrowns $5.5
Chorizo, Haloumi $6
A little taste of everything AKA The Big Brekky | $25 

Doorstop | Toasted ham, tasty cheese, seeded mustard and tomato on sourdough with chips $14

Cauliflower veloute | With fried cauliflower florettes, cheese toastie, sage and almond nut butter $16.5 

Roast Sweet Potato and Kale Salad | Grilled haloumi, ancient grains, whipped garlic, avocado, toasted buckwheat, hemp seeds and nuts $20
With marinated chicken add $5
Poached egg add $2
(GF, can be DF if requested) 

Panfried crispy snapper | With cauliflower puree, asparagus and a sage nut butter $25.5 

Fried chicken quesadilla | Served with bacon, chipotle mayo, jalapenos, avocado smash, corn and black bean salsa $19.5 

 Zucchini fritters | With fried haloumi, marinated tomato and basil salsa, bacon and a fried egg $19.5 

Southern fried chicken burger | Served with slaw, ranch dressing, mayo, avocado and cheddar, on a milk bun with fries $18.5 (GF and vegetarian option available)

Cheeseburger | Beef patty, American mustard, mayo, pickles, onion and tomato sauce, on a milk bun with fries $15.5 (GF option available)

Burger extras
Caramelised onion add $1
Lettuce and tomato add $1
Extra patty (beef, fried chicken) add $4 each
Bacon add $4
Fried egg add $2

Bowl of beer battered chips with sauce
Side $4 / Bowl $9

Additional sauce  (aioli, tomato, BBQ) $1

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